You’re probably wondering who the members of the eHealth Alliance team are? Where have they come from? What are they offering? Why would the eHealth market place be interested in them?

We all have previously worked in the Northern Ireland, Ireland and UK NHS health services as practising clinicians and eHealth ICT professionals. We have many years of experience in delivering eHealth solutions. We all held very senior positions in clinical and eHealth roles in a variety of healthcare organisations. We’re now pooling our collective resources to help ensure that our colleagues in the public sector and in industry around the world are supported by the best possible eHealth solutions to achieve the “triple aim” of improving the quality of healthcare, improving the health of the population and achieving value and financial sustainability.

We are a very young organisation with a vast amount of real life eHealth experience and we are uniquely equipped to help organisations achieve their strategic goals.

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Demond O'Loan Managing Director

Desmond O'Loan

Managing Director

Where we came from
Our Mission

To provide real world experience, advice and guidance to influence and add value to the strategic planning, development, and operational delivery of eHealth solutions through an experienced team of eHealth professionals.