Desmond O'Loan
Managing Director

With 25 years’ extensive experience as a senior eHealth leader in Northern Ireland’s Health & Social Care economy operating at political, strategic, programme, project, senior management and senior technical levels, Desmond is uniquely qualified to provide eHealth advice and guidance to a wide variety of public and private eHealth organisations.


Clinical Experience

Desmond’s long career in the health care business has been focused on the provision of eHealth services to support front line clinical practitioners in the delivery of high quality, safe and efficient care to the Northern Ireland (N.I.) population. He has extensive knowledge and practical detailed experience of how well designed, implemented and supported eHealth solutions can deliver real achievable benefits for clinical staff and health economies. He is well respected within clinical communities and has a reputation as someone who understands the clinical and ICT needs and delivers solutions that provide tangible benefits.


Management Experience

Desmond has strong wide-ranging hybrid management skills spanning business and technology which has allowed him to operate comfortably with Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Chief Executives, Board of Directors, Clinical Directors, Consultants, Care professionals and at a detailed technology level with Chief Information and Technology officers. He has significant practical experience of applying eHealth solutions spanning from large scale multi organisational national programmes to individual organisational projects. He has held positions as Assistant Director for eHealth in N. Ireland, Head of ICT, Senior Hospital Manager and senior eHealth Strategist.


Strategic Oversight Experience

He has practical skills and extensive experience in providing strategic advice and guidance, influence and decision making at all levels within health organisations. These include, Departments of Health, Health and Social Care Commissioning Boards, Public Health Agencies, Local Health Care Trusts, Regional Shared Service delivery organisations, GP’s, Community contractors, private and voluntary organisations. He has led large scale eHealth change programmes and projects. He has advised and influenced government strategy, defined future visions, planned, designed and delivered eHealth solutions across the entire N.I. eHealth economy.  His experience spans acute, community, social, primary care, mental health, voluntary sector, private contractors, infrastructure and application development.


Understanding How to Establish and Run eHealth Programmes

Desmond has extensive experience in leading large multi organisational transformational programmes and projects using eHealth capability. He brings the leadership and experience required to identify the key decision makers and business issues. He provided the strategic and programme leadership that delivered the multi award winning N.I. Electronic Care Record (NIECR) solution for every citizen in N.I. He also strategically and operationally led the process to define and establish the programme to select and implement the next generation EHR for N.I.


Understanding of How a Health Economy is Governed and Funded

His extensive health economy experience has given him a comprehensive understanding of how health economies are funded and where the power and influence are to be found in the various levels of management.

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