Service offering to commercial organisations

Our service offering to commercial organisations is focused on assisting you to interpret and understand the context in which a client’s request is framed. We provide you with advice and guidance to help ensure that your response addresses your client’s specific requests.

Our consultants provide advice and guidance on;

  • Strategic eHealth visioning for potential customers at organisational and national levels
    Customer Current state to Future state analysis and guidance
    Organisational and National eHealth structures required for success
    Applying technology to assist organisational and national change
    Assessment of customer clinical engagement and eHealth management maturity
    Programme and project strategic management and alignment to vision

  • eHealth economy strategy, policy and governance interpretation
    Interpretation of  National, Region, Organisation and Citizen level health strategie
    Deliverability of the eHealth component of health strategies
    Navigation through Health economy systems and processes
    Supplier’s ability to underpin strategies with technology and related services

  • Requirement interpretation and bid qualification
    Analysis and interpretation  of the eHealth requirements
    Identification of the clients actual required outcomes
    Product match to client requirements and outcomes
    Identification of product strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats
    Identification of skill sets being requested


  • Bid strategy and approach to procurement
    Engaging with the client pre and post sales
    Bid qualification
    Stake holder identification, influencers and decision makers
    Understanding the decision making process
    Identification of early client engagement processes and opportunities
    Sales strategy and customer management advice
    Commercial and customer partnership relationships
    Communication and message management

  • Solution design and road mapping advice
    Product workflow, functionality, navigation and usability,
    Clinical safety and functional gap analysis
    Statutory requirements
    Future clinical requirements

  • Solution delivery
    Identification of the resources actually required to deliver the client’s outcomes
    Realistic delivery timescale estimates
    Operational delivery and change management support  requirements
    Product implementation support requirements
    Customer supplier relationship management

  • Think Tank workshops with eHealth and clinical professionals
    Significant eHealth clinical experience and operational expertise in one room
    Brainstorm ideas in confidence - product, strategy, implementation
    Identify product and supplier strengths and weaknesses
    Any other relevant subject matter within our sphere of expertise