Dr. Michael Mannion
Associate Consultant

With 20 years’ extensive experience as a senior clinical leader in Northern Ireland’s Health & Social Care economy operating at political, strategic, programme, project, senior management and director levels Michael is uniquely qualified to provide eHealth advice and guidance to a wide variety of public and private eHealth organisations.


Clinical Experience

Michael graduated from Trinity College, University of Dublin in 1982. He trained as a psychiatrist with training experience across all major fields of psychiatry. He achieved MRCPsych in 1986 and elected FRCPsych in 2003. He was a research fellow at Queens University undertaking research in Psychopharmacology and Clinical Psychiatry. He became a Consultant Psychiatrist in 1993 with responsibility for a General Adult sector and the development of Psychiatry of Old Age. Michael was responsible for the further development of Psychiatry of Old Age services from 2002 until 2013. Michael has extensive experience in the use of technology to support health and social care. He was involved in the implementation of the initial information systems to support mental health care from 1991 across the predecessor of his employing Trust. He undertook analyses of service usage to shape mental health developments and to understand patterns of bed occupancy. He was Chair of Medical Staff and later established a Division of Psychiatry thereby facilitating clinical engagement in service redesign. Michael was Chair of the Psychiatry of Old Age faculty in N.I. and a member of the Executive Committee of the Psychiatry of Old Age faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


Management Experience

Michael has significant management experience holding posts of Executive Medical Director and Deputy Medical Director of a large hospital group in N. Ireland (2002-2013). He has led service development and redesign programmes in psychiatric services and led the clinical engagement in many major clinical service redesign initiatives. He partly retired in 2013 and has been retained as a senior advisor to a large hospital group since retirement. Michael has experience in the management of clinical staff in normal service, extreme service demand, service reconfiguration and contract change. He has been fully involved in the investigation, reporting and, where appropriate, remediation activities following major incidents or untoward events.


Strategic Oversight Experience

Michael has extensive practical management experience dealing with the complex interrelationships between clinical services delivered by multiple organisations to individuals, localities, and populations. He had a significant role in the development of assurance mechanisms that support ‘Board to Floor’ accountability and the establishment and development of corporate and clinical governance structures and assurance mechanisms to support clinical and social care delivery. He has extensive experience in the establishment of governance and regulatory mechanisms at a regional and organisation level to support professional regulation. Michael has been involved and led in the planning, delivery and review of clinical and social care services at individual, team, locality, service and organisational levels. This has included the introduction, modification and withdrawal of services from community and hospital sites. He has had leadership roles in the restructuring of services and across organisations during merger. He was responsible for the development (strategic and operational level) of plans for emergency, surge and business continuity in the context of health and social care. He has gained experience in the management, governance and control of therapeutic agents across an organisation including the introduction of new agents as well as the modification, restriction and withdrawal of existing agents. This work included the development and implementation of guidance for the use of new and existing therapeutic agents across the region.


Understanding How to Establish and Run eHealth Programmes

Michael is involved in eHealth programmes initially to support mental health services in community and acute hospital settings. He was involved in the Proof of Concept for the Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record (NIECR) and later in the planning, procurement and rollout of the programme regionally. He has experience of working at Project Board, Project Team and Specialist Advisory Group levels of eHealth and service developments. He was a member of the N.I. eHealth Strategic Programme Board and was involved in the initial considerations of the service benefits in moving to a regional N.I. Electronic Health and Care Record until his retirement.


Understanding of How a Health Economy is Governed and Funded

Michael has experience in working with citizens, patients, carers, staff, managers, professional groupings, expert bodies, commissioners, civil servants, and public representatives to achieve service development and change at local and regional levels. He has worked with commissioners and the Department of Health to determine service and workforce profiles and priorities and reliability on the development of regulatory frameworks for doctors and to implement national regulatory requirements.