Seamus Logan
Associate Consultant

With extensive experience as a senior eHealth leader in Northern Ireland’s Health & Social Care economy and a career in health and social care practice, management and commissioning spanning more than 30 years, Seamus is uniquely qualified to provide eHealth advice and guidance to a wide variety of public and private eHealth organisations.


Clinical Experience

Seamus is a Health Foundation Fellow having graduated from the Hult International Business School at Ashridge and is a Professional Social Worker currently registered with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council. He worked in front line Mental Health Social Work in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, in hospital and community care services in Purdysburn, Belfast and St Patrick’s Hospital, Dublin. He has experience in both the public and private sectors and also worked in the addictions field at Shaftesbury Square Hospital in Belfast and in primary care at a large health centre in Belfast. Seamus led a number of teams in various roles including community care service delivery, organisational development across a large Trust and as a Project Manager in the voluntary sector. He has experience in quality management and service improvement and in the use of eHealth to support best practice.


Management Experience

Seamus worked in the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Board and developed an in-depth knowledge of commissioning every adult and children's service programme of care including many specialist areas, for example, brain injury, dementia, child and adolescent mental health care and sensory impairment. He led many service reviews including studies of residential and nursing home provision, the development of community mental health and physical disability services and early work on survivors of the “troubles”. He project managed the development of a mental health strategy for the Greater Belfast City area involving planning care for a population of 750,000 across nine hospital and community Trusts. This led to his close involvement with several elements of the Bamford Review for Northern Ireland. He was also appointed to the Northern Ireland Mental Health Commission, an inspection body responsible for maintaining high standards of care across mental health services in Northern Ireland. He was also at the forefront of organisational culture change by leading the Northern Board’s review of “Untoward Events”, a process that helped to bring about a regional focus on Serious Adverse Incidents.


Strategic Oversight Experience

Seamus held many high-profile appointments which coincided with an unprecedented growth in government investment in community services. As someone in an influential leadership position, he helped to shape the planning, development and delivery of services for more than 15 years.  He has held senior management and commissioning appointments including Northern Ireland Programme Director for Mental Health, Social and Community Care in the Department of Health & Social Services and Public Safety (Northern Ireland); Assistant Director Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Board; Assistant Director Northern Health and Social Care Board; Principal Social Worker Northern Health and Social Services Board; Mental Health Commissioner for Northern Ireland Member of the Bamford Review of Mental Health and Learning Disability; Member of the Northern Ireland Executive Committee of the British Association of Social Workers and Member of the Central Personal Social Services Advisory Committee of the Department of Health & Social Services. Seamus has been a key influencer in the modernisation of mental health care by leading deinstitutionalisation at the front line. He has developed and commissioned community care services and introduced new approaches to care delivery including home treatment. His experience provides him with a deep strategic understanding of his specialist area which also often involved media contacts, the publication of articles in national periodicals and appearing as a guest speaker at conferences and seminars in Belfast and London.


Understanding How to Establish and Run eHealth Programmes

Seamus’ interest and role in the use of eHealth to support improved service delivery has extended over more than 25 years. He was involved in the design and implementation of a Mental Health records management system in hospital Trusts in the early 1990s. Whilst leading the development of a new Mental Health strategy for the Greater Belfast area, he proposed and developed the first comprehensive electronic Mental Health Service Directory for the Greater Belfast area and went on to expand this eHealth service across all of N. Ireland. He led project teams which procured and implemented eHealth Bed Management Solutions for hospitals including the change management process to embed the technology capability. Seamus led the development of a regional performance management solution, using real time information about local in-patient activity across 12 hospitals spread throughout Northern Ireland with the objective of improving the efficiency and quality of care provided to patients.


Understanding How a Health Economy is Funded and Governed

Seamus was at the forefront of health and social care commissioning in Northern Ireland for seventeen years. He worked effectively and successfully with virtually every agency and at every level, always with a focus on how to improve the quality and effectiveness of the services provided. He has also worked with the Irish Health Service Executive in Dublin and provided extensive project support to the Aras Attracta Swinford Review Group which led the production of the National response "Time for Action". This report set out clear standards for the governance and delivery of care for those with intellectual disability who require support with an estimated implementation cost of €100 million.