Dr. Ken Fullerton

Associate Consultant

Dr. Jimmy Courtney

Associate Consultant

Molly Kane

Associate Consultant

Dr. Michael Mannion

Associate Consultant

Dr. Gillian Rankin

Associate Consultant

Desmond O'Loan

Managing Director

Des has 25 years’ extensive experience as a senior eHealth leader in Northern Ireland’s Health & Social Care economy operating at political, strategic, programme, project and senior management levels. He has designed and implemented numerous large scale eHealth transformational programmes, most notably the National multi award winning Electronic Care Record system for every citizen in N. Ireland. Desmond is uniquely qualified to provide eHealth advice and guidance to a wide variety of public and private eHealth organisations.

Ken has been a leading geriatrician in Northern Ireland and led on a number of significant service improvements. He has been involved in Health Care management becoming the Medical Director of the Belfast City Hospital Trust and then Associate Medical Director of the Belfast HSC Trust.  He has extensive experience in numerous eHealth initiatives from initial concept, service needs analysis, workflow re-engineering, procurement, evaluation and implementation.

Jimmy has a clinical background as a GP and a long standing interest in the use of technology to improve health and wellbeing. He has a particular interest in information governance and chairs the national Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record governance group. He has been involved in many eHealth procurement and delivery projects and was clinical advisor to the Northern Ireland Health & Social Care Board’s eHealth Strategic Planning & Investment team from 2013 to 2016.

Molly has a nursing background and particular expertise in mental health, learning disability and prisoner health care. She has experience in developing and designing nursing programmes including the implementation of technology to support new ways of working.

Michael has a clinical background as a consultant psychiatrist and has experience in setting up and delivering inpatient, outpatient and community care services for Adult Psychiatry and Psychiatry of Old Age. He has been a Deputy Medical Director and Executive Medical Director of a large hospital group in N. Ireland and has been involved with the implementation of the Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record (NIECR)

Gillian has a clinical background as a GP and from the late 1980s became involved in various management roles including 20 years as a Director with both hospital and community clinical and operational services. She has had extensive involvement in transformational
programmes including patient flow processes, electronic whiteboards and as the Senior Responsible Officer for the Northern Ireland Regional Information system for Oncology and Haematology (RISOH). Gillian also has extensive experience of introducing transformational eHealth solutions into Community & Social Care environments.

Who we are

Having held senior leadership roles in the Northern Ireland health economy, eHealth Alliance consultants all have significant experience in clinical, management and eHealth environments.


Their hybrid skills sets are transferable across health economies worldwide and their collective knowledge spans all aspects of patient and client care. This unique team of individuals is experienced in applying technology to modern, rapidly evolving health economies.

Seamus Logan

Associate Consultant

Dr. Gavin Lavery

Associate Consultant

Dr. Clive Russell OBE

Associate Consultant

Seamus has had a successful career as a professional social worker spanning more than 30 years and has worked at every level in social care, from clinical practice and management through to service commissioning at Boardroom level. He has experience spanning more than 25 years in applying eHealth technology to support improved service delivery and efficiency.

Gavin has 30 years’ experience in critical care medicine and has been Director of Critical Care in the Belfast Trust, one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe. He has been Clinical Director of the Northern Ireland Health & Social Care Safety Forum since 2011 and involved with the Quality 2020 Implementation Board. He has extensive experience in considering all aspects of patient safety on transformation programmes and is a graduate of the Advanced Training Programme at Intermountain Healthcare Institute for Healthcare Delivery Research and has Chief Quality Officer accreditation.

Clive has been a Consultant Physician for 30 years working in Acute Medicine and Non-invasive Cardiology. He has been involved in the delivery of eHealth solutions since the 1990s at both Trust and Regional level. Has been the clinical content lead of the Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record (NIECR) since its inception and believes passionately in the need for technology to improve the safety and quality of care for patients and clients.

Desmond O'Loan, Managing Director
Dr Ken Fullerton, Associate Consultant
Dr JImmy Courtney, Associate Consultant


Dr Gillian Rankin, Associate Consultant
Dr Michael Mannion, Associate Consultant
Molly Kane, Associate Consultant
Seamus Logan, Associate Consultant
Dr Gavin Lavery, Associate Consultant
Dr Clive Russell OBE, Associate Consultant
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